Triton Update

Keeping Your Website Bug Free & Fresh

Triton Update is a two-fold service we offer:

1. If you have a current website and are looking for a fresh new look, our redesign service can help you. You could be changing the business and want your website to reflect that or you may just think it is looking a bit dated. Whatever the reason, we can help.

2. Triton Security can help you keep your website bug free. If you have a CMS site we can perform all the necessary updates and take weekly or monthly backups of your site. If the worst was to happen, then you can be assured there is a recent backup available to get you back online quickly. More information on Triton Update please contact us.


Triton UpdateSecurity is very important for your website. If your site is the focal point of your business, for it to go offline can be disasterous. We can also look at your site and check on any vulnerabilities and report back to you with any solution you may be able to take.