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We are a small, new website and graphic design company based in Scotland. Our portfolio may be small but quality is high. We build every website from the ground up making sure it is exactly what you are after. Check below for the design process.

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[accordion title=”Initial Contact” closed=”1″]It all starts with a phone call or an email. We provide you with a written or online questionnaire to help us get the idea of exactly what your website should look like. We produce quotes for your entire project and if everything is OK with you – we get to designing.[/accordion][accordion title=”Design Started” closed=”1″]Once you are happy with all communication we begin the design process. We keep you updated every step of the way and you can see the updates to your site in real-time. When we are close to the end product you have time to make any final revisions. [/accordion][accordion title=”Website Goes Live” closed=”1″]Once the design process is complete, we are about ready to take your site live. We can organise hosting for you or if you have your own hosting account we can provide you with the files or upload for you and get your site online.[/accordion]

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[diagram title=”Our Skills” summary=”Hover me!” type=”circle”][skill title=”Usability & Design” amount=”95″ color=”#566270″]
[skill title=”SEO” amount=”85″ color=”#50CDC5″]
[skill title=”Programming” amount=”50″ color=”#C7F465″]
[skill title=”Databases” amount=”78″ color=”#FF6B6B”]
[skill title=”Web & Graphic Design” amount=”97″ color=”#C7F0F6″]

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Core Competence

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Our Recent Customers

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