Website Design

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The Heart & Soul Of Our Company

We design websites – simple as that!

We listen to exactly what our customers want and design from there. Our initial questionnaire may be in-depth but it will give us a better idea of what you envision. We ask questions based on your company, your needs and right down to what colours you require. That gives us the basis to get your site designed right first time – in quick time. If you are not sure exactly what you require, we will deign a couple of layouts for you to have a look at. That will give you some ideas on the design you like and what you may like added or taken away.


The Basic Website Solution

If you are looking for a static website that doesn’t need updating regularly then a HTML site is ideal for you. A HTML site is ideal for companies who require an online presence, ideal for showcasing services or images. You can incorporate contact forms, forums and even a blog into your site. Using HTML in conjunction with CSS you can bring your ideas to life.


Content Management System Sites

A CMS site is ideal for companies who wish to have their site updated on a regular basis. The advantage of a CMS site is you can update the site in real time, update your site in minutes without having do a redesign or upload page files to the server. An internet connection is essential for an update but it can be done anywhere at any time. Full sites, blogs, stores and lots more can be added in easily within minutes. As part of the CMS design we offer documentation showing you how to update your site – or we can do that for you!


Online Stores

If you have goods to sell then our online store solution is the best option for you. We can incorporate your store into your site so your customers have a great experience while maintaining the look of your site. If you want to sell downloadable content like songs or ebooks – we can help you out.


Site Addons

A website doesn’t have to be just your information or online store, it can be a fully interactive platform for your visitors. Blogs with comments sections, forums or even a game or two can help you interact with your visitors.

The great thing about interaction and the extras you can add on is that you get to know more about your visitors and can offer them a greater experience when using your business. You get to learn what is and what may not be working and you can take steps to ensure your business is the best it can be and in return you get customer loyalty.